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Get In “The Zone”

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When there is a CHAMPIONSHIP to win, do you have a sports team mood, mindset, and motivation coach you can call? Your players and fans deserve to celebrate championships! As a team mood, mindset, and motivation coach, Raj creates a winning advantage for you to coach your team to victory. His work is based on his practical leading edge performance research and process, Win Fun Mental Pyramid (Win Fun Forward-Performance Pyramid).

Raj works with sports teams that want performance breakthroughs to win championships. He doesn’t know much about the X’s and O’s. His interest is in your team’s mood, mindset, and motivation to win CHAMPIONSHIPS.

“We would like to thank you for coming to the girl’s basketball camp to speak with girls about consistently playing at the top of their game. When you spoke about having the right mindset, mood, and motivation to stay at the top of the game, I noticed the girls were very attentive and focused on the message you were conveying. Having the right attitude to reflect a positive spirit is very powerful! The girls absorbed the information and brought a different attitude to camp the remainder of the time.”


“Raj Gavurla has written a book about “winning at entrepreneurship”. Read this book with a good marking pen because it contains a ton of valuable advice for all business owners.”


“You have championships in you. I’ve been watching.” – Raj Gavurla

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Keynote: Championship Team and Life Mindset

Learn and experience motivational, educational, inspirational, and funny stories, be challenged, encouraged, and receive a call to action.

Workshop (Learning Session): Your Raise The Bar Primer: Mental Performance Tools and Life

Consistently Perform

An engaging way using your own thoughts to create performance breakthroughs by having Raj show you how to use and apply the Your Raise The Bar Primer: Mental Performance Tyourraisethebarprimerools workbook. Build your mental performance breakthroughs skills to develop, evolve, and grow in your sport and life (living).

1. In-person team workshop (learning session) or retreat

2. Monthly teach a mental performance breakthrough skill for the team in-person or on-line and answer current performance questions  

3.  Highly individualized performance and life consulting and coaching for individual team members

Win Fun Baby, Win!

Win Fun Teams and Believe 

Are you a player, coach, athletic director, or owner? Whether its football, basketball, tennis, track, soccer, baseball, golf, swimming, volleyball, or any sport winning games brings championships, fan jubilation, a life of storied memories, and BIG money! Book Raj for a CHAMPIONSHIP game to get “in the zone” (work with your players winning mindset) and give your team win fun incentive with 3-10 minutes of intense pre-game mental motivation to compete and Win Fun Baby, Win! Then have Raj deliver a 1-1.5 hour post-game victory celebration with surprises! Your team is worth it!

Athlete Performance Mental and Life Coaching

Highly customized:  As an athlete, it’s up to you to perform to help your team win. Private unconventional coaching sessions to address player growth and development by instilling value and ability using mood, mindset, and motivation tools to have the right mental skills to set personal best records.

As an athlete there is life involved with its various interests such as coaches, teammates, parents, family, friends, and making your sports fun and enjoyable to keep yourself moving and gaining forward as you move through the experiences of life including your non-athletic interests.

If you are struggling or challenged with keeping all aspects of life congruent to make you a better athlete and experience all of life, contact Raj Gavurla to help you.


1. Congruent athlete with your coaches, teammates, parents, family, friends, school, work, and life
1. Become a better player (consistently perform)
2. Eliminating mistakes (performance anxiety, loss of focus, slumps, unmotivated)
3. Video analysis
4. Preparation and Debrief: Pre-practice, post-practice, pre-game, and post-game private mental performance tools

Schedule an individual athlete (player) appointment Monday thru Sunday. Contact me at 864.569.2315. Hope to see you soon.

“We all have in us something special to share with the world. Raj has given us a step-by-step blueprint to turn those dreams into reality. Get going and make it happen!” – BOB RATHBUN, VOICE OF THE ATLANTA HAWKS, NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION

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Since each athlete and team is unique, different, and has their objectives, my programs and services are highly customized for your better performance, innovation, and entrepreneurial leadership.

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