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Enabling your greatest dream(s), vision(s), goal(s), mission(s), and aspiration(s):

For better outcomes and positive change, as your private consultant or coach, Raj works with you to consistently perform, experience breakthroughs, innovation, and entrepreneurial leadership in your business, sports, and life using highly individualized performance mental tools learning.  He’s a private performance and life consultant and coach not a psychologist.

coachingHe helps people in many walks of life to live a quality life performing with more ease and fulfillment with their business/work, athletic/sports, health, acting,  family, and other aspirations.

Is your private, personal, and professionalism creating internal and external positive experiences and relationships?

Confidential and private consulting, coaching, and adviser sessions are highly customized for you individually and/or your team.  Having been through the highs and lows of performance in all aspects of life, Raj can relate. He is the author of Your Raise The Bar Primer: Mental Performance Tools workbooks, Entrepreneurial Thinking Tools manual, and Winning At Entrepreneurship. Having a consultant, coach, and adviser makes it easier to learn, develop, build, evolve, grow, and evaluate.

1.  What performance breakthroughs do you want, need, and have to do to support your aspirations?

2.  What business performance breakthrough(s) do you want, need, and have to do to support your aspirations?

3.  What life performance breakthrough(s) do you do you want, need, and have to do to support your aspirations?

For ethics (my client), all of our sessions (highly customized) for you or your team are confidential and private.  I might talk or write about a situation without identifying my client for the greater good and/or with your permission identify my client for forward practical performance.  

Client Examples:

1. Achieve Your Dreams, Visons, Goals, Missions, and Aspirations With Mental Performance Coaching, Motivation/Inspiration, Lifestyle Change, Decision Making, Communicating Your Value, Goal Setting and Achievement, Performance, Accountability

2.  Value Oriented Conflict Resolution and Relationship Building

3.  Third Party (Non-Biased) Evaluation of A Program:  For example;  a training (learning session), instructional design (course), client deliverable, event, study, speech, etc. to answer the questions “How are you doing?” and “What are your options?”

4. Culture Assessment, Multicultural Continuum


5. Your Health, Change A Bad Habit

6. Presentation Skills Coaching: Nervousness, Anxiety, Content-Body Language-Word Choice, Structure, Stories, Delivery, Beginner to Advanced (customized package and/or hourly)

7. Interview Coaching

8. Team Coaching

Read Raj’s Thought Leadership and Approach to Business, Work, Sports, and Life

Since each client is unique, different, and has their objectives, my programs and services are customized for you to consistently perform, performance breakthrough(s), and innovation/entrepreneurial leadership.

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